Friday, 17 August 2012


So Griff has been my personal project over this summer break. He's a character for a short film I'm developing and hoping to make in my final year of university. I decided to take a break from the endless and painful task of storyboarding to work on a little walk cycle for him. He's pretty happy-go-lucky, innocent, naive and a little bit clumsy. It was a nice break from Maya and good to re-familiarise myself with Toonboom again. I may return and clean this up but for now I had to reign myself in and realise there were more important things to be doing :P

And to make this post a little less dull, this evening I attempted a little lighting study/concept piece. Hopefully it's not a total fail...


  1. sweeet test on the griffin. :)

  2. Awesome work Kat! Inspires me to really dive into animation when I get back home xD Ur Maya animation is also really good, is it a part of what you do in Lux? Hope your having a good time there :)

  3. woua really good walk kat, I really like it!!! nice stuff nice stuff

  4. Ahhh, this griffin test is gorgeous! Nice work on the motion and so expressive!

    Great job Kat!

  5. Thanks guys, you're all awesome.

    @Toni: Yep they were little tests I did before jumping into the production pipeline! :D