Wednesday, 22 August 2012

WWF Fundraising

I've taken part in a little fundraising event organised by Gillian Reid to raise money for the WWF. Her boyfriend Matt is running a half marathon in October to raise money for the charity, and because we artists don't do running (well... I certainly don't) we did some arts instead. Here's my little contribution.

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Friday, 17 August 2012


So Griff has been my personal project over this summer break. He's a character for a short film I'm developing and hoping to make in my final year of university. I decided to take a break from the endless and painful task of storyboarding to work on a little walk cycle for him. He's pretty happy-go-lucky, innocent, naive and a little bit clumsy. It was a nice break from Maya and good to re-familiarise myself with Toonboom again. I may return and clean this up but for now I had to reign myself in and realise there were more important things to be doing :P

And to make this post a little less dull, this evening I attempted a little lighting study/concept piece. Hopefully it's not a total fail...