Thursday, 26 July 2012

Doing the computer thing...

So for an animator, I don't post up a lot of animation, huh? So I'm gonna change the way I use this blog a little bit and put more animations up, and maybe some pearls of wisdom that I find every now and then.

I'm really lucky to be spending my summer break in Luxembourg interning at Fabrique d'images as a 3D character animator. Many of you know my turmoil with Maya - I never thought I'd touch the program. I don't know how but something changed my mind... Now I'm here working beside some really talented 3D animators on one of the squishably cutest TV shows I've seen! Funny how things have turned out :) Between hours I've been working on some simple exercises, trying to improve my workflow and nail my timing. Workflow is half the battle in Maya, so I've really been trying to learn and find a good way of working.

This one's still in progress - for the moment trying to nail the timing and weight. One of the things I've never done is push my work to a high level of refinement. So that's my plan for this one.


  1. that is very nice work you have on vimeo, you will go far.

  2. Very nice stuff. Keep up the good work!!! :D

  3. Great work Kat! I love all the bounce and jiggles you've got going on

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments guys, I really appreciate it :)