Thursday, 11 July 2013


So I'm now officially graduated from university! And as such I'd like to present my graduation film, Sapling! A fantasy fable about a young little griffin who aspires to grow his own tree in order to prove himself.

I think I've done the "happy director" speech to death already, but I'm gonna go again anyway. I worked with a great group of people to achieve this film, who all did an amazing job! So thanks to you all, as well as everyone who voted it through during pitch week, and offered support along the way. It was tough but so worth it.
Now, onto the next adventure!


  1. Well done Kat!!! The all movie is and looks a BLAST!!!
    Its amazing how you and your team got it to this level, i guess the line is way high now ;)
    And good luck for you out there!

  2. Ad-Venture isss OUT theRRe!! n.n

  3. I've written two interesting scripts for comics.
    You're an excellent talent. We can work together on Kicstarter!
    If interested, write
    Michael Kokkinaris

  4. Hey, this is brilliant. I run a film club for 5 to 10 year olds and they would all love this. It's innocent and witty. Make a full length animation, you'll be fantastic at it, but make sure we all know about it when you do! Well done!