Monday, 7 November 2011

Life Dump

First update since second year, and guess what it is?! I hope the brightness/saturation is ok, having some calibration issues at the moment...

So, yep. Been a good term so far. Not regretting any decisions; Maya is my new best friend. Getting into the swing of things with the drawing, learning, writing, animating. :) All is good.


  1. Your life-drawing is looking great Kat!
    Can't wait to see your personal work, haven't seen any in a while!
    I was so thinking baout drawing the boys last night, but I have an essay to write ^^;

  2. loving the line work!!! very confident and even playful!!! :D favorite is definitely the rear view of the figure sitting down, leaning to the right. keep it up!!! :D xxxx