Friday, 26 August 2011

For my old man

Last week my wonderful cat Monty died. I still find it hard to deal with the fact he's gone, but painting this helped. He was special to me - my old man - and truly a beautiful cat. He had a good long life though for which I am extremely grateful.

Inspired by the amazing Marta Nael. I have been getting back into painting more over the summer; learning lots and having fun. I'm always slightly too tentative though so attempting an Impressionistic style like Marta's encouraged me to be a bit more free and expressive. It's kind of appropriate :)


  1. Very pretty picture! I love how expressive it is! I am sorry for your loss though.

  2. :( 'Tis sad. Really great picture: Reminded me I need to try out some stuff like that.

  3. WOW Kat this is beautiful!!!
    Im so sorry for your loss!! By the sound of it, i'm sure ol' Monty lived a long and happy life.
    You'll see my ol man doggy pop up all over my blog. I lost him when i was in my second year at the AIB on the exchange in Paris. I was (and still am) heat broken and still miss him (6years on) so very much!
    I often find, drawing my dog or others just like him, really help lift my mood if i am feeling glum. He was the happiest dog in the world and would make any body smile.... even none dog people!! :)
    This is a wonderful tribute, and such a beautiful picture. I love the style and colours!
    Im sure he is purring with delight and watching over you in kitty kat heaven!!
    All the best dude and i hope your enjoying your 2nd year!
    Lots of love to all the cool cats out there KAT,

  4. PS, i like the little tears in his ears! Really adds character!! :)