Friday, 11 March 2011

Getting sick of my face already

This is the only one I like of the recent ones :) Still struggling with getting a likeness a little bit. Crits always appreciated!


  1. arnt we all! :P nah i love it kat soo good! :)

  2. Draw what you see not what you think you know is all I can say :)

    I love drawing myself from my head and then doing a self portrait, seeing the difference is a bit amazing but you'll see how you are actually getting a more accurate likeness down than you think you are?

    Enjoying the course I take it? :D

  3. The trouble with any portrait is drawing the face at rest, because what gives us most of our individuality is the way our expressions move across our faces when we talk. I think this is a very good likeness, though!

  4. Looking good, definite likeness, and you haven't got the 'I'm drawing me and I look incredibly angry' self-portrait face I regrettably have.

    Some things to look out for (as a reminder to myself too): Where your forehead meets your hair - the hair is atop the skull, lying 'over' it, so that it has some body. It'll be slightly elevated from the skull, as a separate entity to the construction underneath.

    Something that really helped me was when I began to look more closely for forms and planes. It seems to give a much more satisfying construction to the drawing, and with a long study it really pays off. Loomis examples are good to note on this and you can download, or now buy his books -
    Seeing these forms and planes begins to help with the entire self portrait process, as you it encourages you to draw around the forms, always aware of three-dimensionality.

    Hope that helps :]

  5. Maybe not angry, but I do seem to inherit a sort of pout!

    Thanks for the advice and links Francis, very helpful! :)